Trade Associations is an organization that is funded and founded by industries. It helps to grow specific businesses. Trade Association sets law and provides knowledge to companies to run their businesses nicely. It helps the company to build relationships with the public by advertising, political or charitable donations, education, and publishing. But the focus of the trade association is to collaborate between companies. A trade association is usually a non-profit organization. They organize meetings with its board members to discuss many issues related to taxation, prices, and shortages of raw materials, infrastructural issues, import and export issues, labor issues and many more.

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Functions of Trade Associations are as follows

Educating members

One of the major functions of a trade association is to educate its members and improves its efficiency. As a member of the association, it will let you access their solution. Therefore it will teach you to run a profitable and successful business. Network, idea share, building an important relationship that will assist you to build a successful business. Trade associations provide classes, online resources, trade shows to educate you and your company to be the very best.

Having Trade Meetings

Trade associations offer information to the client in the field and give a huge chance to network with each other. It organizes trade shows where companies show their latest products or services. Trade shows also have seminars on different topics like training, networking, job opportunities, etc.

Providing Market Information

The functions of the Trade association are to provide market information to the members. It gives companies information about the customer’s preferences. Which product or services they like the most and which one they hate, which one is not up to their expectation- this kind of information trade associations provide to the members. Therefore, this information helps to build a specific product or service which satisfies all the demands of consumers. Trade associations also provide information about emerging business opportunities.

Obtaining Clients

The function of the Trade Association is to obtain clients. They obtain clients through trade shows, through emailing individuals in the field or through their websites. By organizing a trade show, the trade association has the opportunity to recruit clients to join and gain knowledge about their particular area. Many people join a trade association directly through their websites. Trade association collects information from the clients and emails them individually to offer them to join.

Serving as a Forum

One of the functions of a trade association is to serve as a forum. They open various forums to collect consumer feedback and complaints. A company can make a suitable and great product because the trade association shares this data with its members. It also serves as a forum where members can settle their disputes.

Textile industry associations:


 Association Listings


American Association of Textile Chemists & Colorists


American Apparel & Footwear Association


American Textile Machinery Association (ATMA)


Association of The Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA)


European Committee of Textile Machine Manufacturers (CEMATEX)


Georgia Association of Manufacturers (GAM)


Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI)


Men’s Dress Furnishings Association


National Association of Manufacturers


Plains Cotton Cooperative Association (PCCA)


Southern Cotton Association


Southern Textile Association (STA)


Synthetic Yarn and Fibre Association (SYFA)


Texas Cotton Association


Textile Association of Los Angeles (TALA)


Textile Fibers & By-Products Association (TFBPA)


Ahmedabad Textile Industry's Research Association


All Pakistan Textile Mills Association


Bangladesh Jute Mills Association


Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exporters Association


Bangladesh Textile Mills Association


Color Association of the United States


National Textile Association


The South India Textile Research Association


The Southern India Mills Association


International Association for the Study of Silk Road Textiles (IASSRT)


Northern India Textile Research Association


Synthetic & Art Silk Mills' Research Association


Man-Made Textile Research Association


Indian Jute Industries' Research Association (IJIRA)