Textile Lab is a special room equipped for scientific experimentation and research with a lot of types of equipment. Textile Lab used for scientific research. It is very important to set up a textile lab for checking the basic physical properties of textiles. Fabric properties like dimensional stability, color bleeding, colorfastness, GSM of fabric is tested in the lab. Designed for product development quality control and customer problem solving this fully air-conditioned laboratory feature with high-pressure liquid chromatography.

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    Textiles Quality Control, Laboratory and Sample Equipment

  • To protect the interest of consumer and To cater for the needs of quality assurance
  • To build up a quality and marketing image of your product and marketing image of your product and company
  • For delivering quality product in specified time
  • For conduction routine quality assurance control in production line to avoid rework and poor quality raw material.
  • To equip dependable abilities for new product development to develop new program.
  • To incorporate the laboratory practice into international quality assurance program