Textile  industry  has  a  vital  importance  in  the  economy  of  Uttar  Pradesh.  After agriculture,  the  textile  sector  and  its  ancillary   manufacturing  units,  provide  high employment  opportunities.  Textile  industry  is  a  labour  intensive  industry  and  has  vast potential  for  the  development  of  the  State.  There  is  a  great  need  for  employment generation  in  the  State.  Further,  Uttar  Pradesh,  being the  most  populous  state  of  India, offers a big market for textile products. To meet this demand, plenty of opportunities are available  to  set  up  textile  industry  in  the  State.  It  is  an  acknowledged  fact  that  Uttar Pradesh  provides  an  extremely  high  percentage  of  skilled,  semi-skilled  and  unskilled workers  to  textile  units  across  the  country  and  many  of  these  are  women  and  persons from  weaker  sections  of  society.  Thousands  of  residents  of  this  State  travel  to  far  off places  in  Maharashtra,  Gujarat,  Tamil  Nadu  and  Kerala  to  contribute  in  Textile production. The State Government is keen to bring employment at the doorsteps of such migrants and provide them wholesome  opportunity here itself. The focus of this policy is on  expanding  the  job  opportunities  in  this  sector  and  also  to  add  more  value  in  the production base of the nation.

  • 6 US$ million

    In textile

The Textile  & garmenting policy 2017 of Uttar Pradesh, while taking note of the strengths  of  UP,  recognizes  that  garmenting  is  the  sector  where maximum  jobs  are created. Hence there is greater emphasis on this component of the industry. Other sectors of the industry however, have also been incentivised liberally to achieve synergies.
The State Government is trying to reduce power tariff for industries by innovative methods. Benefits of this will be passed on to industrial units in an appropriate manner.

Uttar Pradesh Textile Policy