Tamil Nadu is the southern-most Indian state, surrounded by Andhra Pradesh on the north, Karnataka & Kerala on the west, Indian Ocean on the south, and Bay of Bengal on the east.
Tamil  Nadu  is  among  the  most  industrialised  states  in  the  country.  Tamil  is  the  state  language; English  is  also  commonly  used  for communication  & as a medium  of education.
Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Thiruchirappalli, Salem, Tirunelveli & Erode are some of the key cities in the state.
The  climate  ranges  from  dry  sub-humid  to  semi-arid.  Major  rivers  flowing  through  the  state  include Palar,  Cheyyar,  Ponnaiyar,  Kaveri,Bhavani, Vaigai and Tamaraparani.

  • US$ 191.65 million

    Allocation for Handlooms and Textiles sectors

The State of Tamilnadu has always been in the forefront of economic growth in the country. The State has made impressive strides over the years to carve out a niche for itself in the ields of engineering, automobiles, textiles, leather, Information Technology, electronic hardware and hi-technology industries. The Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) stood at 157.85 billion US dollars at constant prices in 2016-17. The industrial GSDP of Tamilnadu grew at an impressive rate of 8.79% from the year 2011-12 to 2015-16 at constant prices higher than the National average of about 7.6%. To maintain its position as a progressive State, the Government has taken proactive steps like the release of Vision 2023 Tamilnadu document, formulation of Tamilnadu Infrastructure Development Act, Rules and Regulations, along with Tamilnadu Transparency in Tenders (Public Private Partnership and Procurement) Act and Rules. The United Nations Report on Probity in Public Procurement has recognized Tamilnadu as the irst State to have a legislative frame work to deal with Public Private Partnership procurement. The Vision 2023 Tamilnadu document which lays out the road map of development for the State, aims to achieve a consistent economic growth rate of 14% per annum in a highly inclusive manner and to identify and remove the bottlenecks in development, prioritize critical infrastructural projects, and work to propel towards the State of Tamilnadu to the forefront of development.

Tamil Nadu Textile Policy