Andhra  Pradesh  is  strategically  located  on  the  Southeast  coast  of  India and  is  a  natural  gateway  to  East  &  Southeast  Asia.  The  state  has  a population of 4.93 crores (as per population census - 2011), accounting for 4%  of  country’s  population,  residing  in  4.9%  of  country’s  geographical 
area.  Andhra  Pradesh  has  abundant  natural  resources  (barytes, limestone, bauxite, and a number of minor m inerals),  fertile land  and river basins,  water  resources,  extensive  canal  system  and  conducive  agroclimatic  conditions.  The  State  has  the  second  longest  coastline  in  India 
and is also one of the largest producers of marine products.At  current  prices,  the  Gross  State  Domestic  Product  (GSDP)  of  Andhra Pradesh was  ? 4,75,859  crores  in 2013-14.  Between 2004-05 and 2012-13, the average annual GSDP growth  rate of Andhra Pradesh was 7.25% while  the  average  per  capita  income  at  (current  prices)  increased  from ?46,345 in 2008 -09 to ?88,876  in 2013-14.
Andhra  Pradesh,  over  the  years,  has  established  a  strong  presence  in agro  and  food  processing,  textiles,  chemicals  &  petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals,  metallurgy,  electronics  and  electrical  engineering sectors.

  • 6000 crore

    Investments by 2020

Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP)  aims to promote and develop a robust textile industry that provides sustainable employment to weavers and posits Andhra Pradesh as a destination of choice  to global textile majors. The policy aims to modernize textile manufacturing and improve productivity in order to ensure the availability of quality fabric at affordable prices to cater to domestic and international demand. 

Andhra Pradesh Textile Policy