OEKOTECH is the term used for technical textiles that are used for environmental protection. It stands for new ideas and interesting concepts in the area of environmental protection, waste disposal (including innovative filtration media) and new recycling technologies. It is opening up new avenues for environmental engineers, safety engineers and personnel in environmental protection agencies. These eco- friendly textiles provide a range of environmentally responsible alternatives to other resource hungry materials. They tap into both post-consumer and post-industrial waste streams & scrap and reuse them for manufacturing an extremely durable and eco-friendly textile. They not only lead to a reduction of the waste but also, more importantly, save the rapidly depleting natural resources. 

Oekotech segment refers to the use of technical textiles in Environmental Engineering. The primary segment in this is Landfill waste management. This refers to the use of Geosynthetic products to secure landfills against leakage of municipal or hazardous waste. Other areas include secondary protection in Chemical/Oil Industries (ground covers and the like around process tanks for secondary containment should the tanks leak).

Some of the features of these textiles are:

  • They utilize ecologically grown fibers.
  • They are processed with less damaging inputs.
  • The processing units are equipped with good sewage treatment.
  • The fabrics are of good quality and long lasting.
  • A look at some of the products that are manufactured using these textiles:
  • Soil seals
  • Textile drainage systems
  • Erosion prevention systems
  • Textiles for protection against hazardous substances
  • Mobile containers
  • Textile noise barrier systems
  • Filter systems (air/water)
  • Landfill textiles


  • 7.1%

    Expected CAGR during 2015-2020


Rapidly changing lifestyles and urbanization has lead to an increase in the growth of the global Oekotech Textiles market. With different substantial advancements made related to Oekotech Textiles, the Oekotech Textiles global market is are probably going to be increasing with the help of the various frameworks. Furthermore, the expanding population over the world significantly going to move the development of the Oekotech Textiles market on a worldwide scale.


Oekotech application segment includes concepts in environmental protection, waste disposal and recycling. The most well-known concept is the use of geosynthetic products (discussed earlier in Geotech) in Landfill management. Secure landfills are considered to be the best available technical option for the safe disposal of large volumes of solid waste/slurry. Waste management (both Municipal and Hazardous) has become a major environmental issue in India as well as other countries. In India, Oekotech is constituted by geo –membranes, which are primarily used for landfills.